Together with Kaleidoscope Architects, we have designed and furnished this nordic style private home in Valencia city.
The customer: a family with 2 daughters.
The challenge: to achieve a comfortable and spacious apartment, which plenty of light.
To take advantage of the space and create continiuos surfaces, we have designed and built custom furniture, combining different woods and finishes. Paneling, hidden doors, kitchen cabinets, countertops and bathroom furniture are pieces created especially for this project.




mob_bhome_nonna design

Nonna Design creates custom furniture for ‘b home’ modular homes

Möb is a line of furniture designed specifically for the amazing growing houses ‘home b’. These modular buildings are manufactured and transported, fully assembled and finished, to their final destination.
Sergio Baragaño is the author of design & y Nonna Design of manufacturing.
In the furniture of these houses you can find sofas, beds, dining tables, side tables and poufs. They all have one common characteristic: versatility. Which it allows to adapt the furniture and household needs to make good use of space.
These modules created as places of work or residence, and even both combined, have an advantageous delivery of 4-6 months and fully supports fickle catalog and custom designs specific changes.


mob_bhome_nonna design 
mob_bhome_nonna designn
mob_bhome_nonna design
mob_bhome_nonna design
Architecture Photography: Mariela Apollonio