In the last years, many hotels has been fully modernized, but retained its historic feel. Architect and Interiorist work hard to pay tribute to the old and also make it one of the most beautifully designed hotels.

We have done in Valencia, at Mercat 09. It is a very special project where we have designed and manufactured all the custom furniture for each room.

Wood cladding add dimension, interest and texture to the interior walls.

Some of our kitchen: white colors, wood & soft lights, to create cozy atmospheres.


Here is our selection of Prefab Houses.

Möb B-Home. We have collaborated with Sergio Baragaño, designing custom furniture for this Prefab House.

Vipp House

Abatón House

Minimod House by Mapa

Casa Oruga by Sebastián Irarrazaval Arquitectos

We would love to spend hours inside these houses!

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Check out these alternative holiday trees that we find very interesting:


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We’ve always been fascinated by fog. The visual effects created is striking, like suddenly this super low cloud takes over cities. For this post we selected a few inspiring images of cities and other landscapes.

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We love the warmth and beauty of wood. The restaurants are finding creative ways to use wood throughout their spaces. Great inspiration!

nonna-design-blog-autumn-03 nonna-design-blog-autumn-05 nonna-design-blog-autumn-06 nonna-design-blog-autumn-07 nonna-design-blog-wood-restaurants-01 nonna-design-blog-wood-restaurants-02

Cosy Atmospheres. Wood, plants and soft colors are the perfect combination to see you through the coldest of autumns. The smooth, solid texture with the tactile fibres makes a stunning tactile combination.

nonna-design-blog-autumn-0 nonna-design-blog-autumn-1 nonna-design-blog-autumn-2